How to Fix a Garbage Disposal ?

How to Fix a Garbage Disposal ?

Unclogging a Garbage Disposal
1-      Locate the operating manual of your garbage disposal, if you can. It can advise you about the necessary garbage disposal repairs and give you a schematic of the disposal before you take anything apart.

2-      Find the hex wrench that came with your fingertips. This device is usually kept close to disposal for minor repairs.

-          A hex wrench is a small, thin metal tool. It has 6 sides and tightens the mounting bolts to the disposal. It is often referred to as a hex key and is used for the repair of bicycles and furniture.

3-      Switch the garbage disposal off using the circuit breaker. Occasionally, the wall switches are not properly wired, so there should be no risk that the power will hit the throttles.

4-      Place a torch above the garbage disposal. Seek to see the disposal and find the cause of the clogging.

5-      Remove the cover of the drain or the rubber catch, if possible.

6-      Stick the handle of a hex or wooden spoon to the disposal. Move it from one hand to the other between the thrusters and try to release any food trapped.

-          When you find a hard object, such as a rock, try to grab it with tongs and pull it up. It is easier to force it down on the hoses.

7-      Turn on the power once you believe the disposal is unencumbered.

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